A professional logo design is critical to your ongoing business image. It sets the tone for how your business will be seen, so that customers can connect immediately. Web Wizard’s graphic designers, based in Perth WA, are specialists at creating professional, high quality logos.

The customer will know what type of business you are and, importantly, connect emotionally to the style of business. Your logo reflects all of these things – you can be corporate or casual, funky or conservative, funny or serious.

When considering your logo you need to think of its applications. Where will it be seen? Do you need it just for stationery and business cards? A sign on your car or a billboard sign on your building? Your website? This can influence the design, determine its intricacy or simplicity and also how the logo is built digitally for these different applications.


Our Web Wizard graphic designers, based in Perth WA, will take all this into account when creating a logo that suits you and your business. We want your business to have the right image, a logo that can take you forward and be relevant for the long term.

Good logo design announces that your business is legitimate, trustworthy and credible. Scrimping with a free clipart option screams cheap and unprofessional. A Web Wizard’s custom designed logo is an affordable necessity to either kick start your business or to refresh a tired image. You can either meet with us to discuss your branding direction in depth or if you are “good to go” all you need do is give us some information via our simple logo brief.